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We are a Johannesburg (we call it Joburg or Jozi) based ideas, design and development company.

Meet our founders:

Sandra bio photo

Hello, my name is Sandra and I’m an illustrator and designer. I have an Interior Design National Diploma qualification from Technikon Witwatersrand (now the University of Johannesburg). Since 1996, I have held different creative roles including space planner, draughtsman, interior designer and graphic designer.

This diverse range of design experience has given me the opportunity to explore the many aspects involved; both technical and more hands-on, to gain valuable experience across various creative design disciplines. This experience has also provided me with a broader creative perspective which has enhanced my ability to visualise and conceptualise concepts.

I use AutoCAD and Adobe Illustrator as my main applications of choice and am equally at home producing technical drawings or designing graphics for print or digital output.

No two creative projects are ever exactly the same, and it is with this in mind that spurs the excitement and passion to deliver a beautiful and unique result for every assignment.

The work I do includes conceptualisation, brand development, storyboarding and technical drawing with a focus on graphic design.

My work is about coming up with a unique creative concept, sharing a special story and delivering an effective message using the best possible design approach.

Ian bio photo

Greetings, I'm Ian and I have been in the Information Systems / IT field since the mid 1990's. I have fufilled different roles such as system analyst and business analyst. I have worked in different industries and on different technical environments that include flavours of Unix with Sybase & Oracle databases.

I have a BCom (Hons) degree (post-graduate) in Information Systems from UCT (University of Cape Town).

My extensive experience has allowed me to work with a broad range of people from various industries, companies and positions. I have found that a critical aspect of project planning and execution is - clear, ongoing and open communication. This helps people to understand the different perspectives, issues, and the processes involved. Such communication can in many cases be the deciding factor between a successful project that hits the mark and one that does not.

For the last 5 years my focus has been on the design and development of websites that work on different devices with different screen sizes, i.e. responsive design. I develop both server side and client side code. My technical stack includes Linux, Apache, PHP, Nodejs, Npm, Jquery, CSS (Bootstrap) and HTML. This stack may include a database depending on the project requirements.

Along with the many technical aspects of my work, it is important not to lose sight of the fact that the design and code is for the user. Ultimately the user experience (UX) is key and an effective UX is one that meets the needs of the user.